The Seblen Chronicles – Blending Classical Fantasy with the Future of Blockchains
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Before there was the metaverse, there were lands full of dungeons and dragons that jumped off the printed page.  Sword and sorcery blended together rich tales that engaged the imagination of countless people. 

The Seblen Chronicles (TSC) blends that classical fantasy with a modern delivery form.  Powered by the info-engagement site, (UCI), The Seblen Chronicles is an example of what happens when creative world-building is merged with blockchain technology.

Why The Seblen Chronicles?

The world of Seblen is growing… fast.  Whether it is the graphic poetry book available on Amazon, the narrated interactive eBook on the Google Play store or the Seblen: Battle! Card game on Steam, TSC is already leveraging all the traditional media outlets to build its world.


As a resource site bringing blockchain/crypto education to the masses, wanted to partner with a project that was willing to continue stretching the bounds of entertainment.  What better way to teach about the future of blockchain technology than integrating amazing art, emotional writing and captivating content reminiscent of works such as Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Dungeons & Dragons.

About us

What is Seblen

It all starts with great content.  That’s why the project launched with The Seblen Chronicles: Seraph’s Song on  An illustrated retelling of the poetic fable of Sister Sera, as told by the first Bard Knight, Ser Tomas.  As an official part of Seblen lore, Seraph’s Song is a must read for any fan of classical fantasy. 

Shortly after the print launch of Seraph’s Song, it was followed up with a narrated version released as an interactive eBook on the Google Play Store.  The world was then further expanded with the card came, Seblen: Battle! on Steam using characters pulled right from the upcoming releases, The Seblen Chronicles: Lineage & Legacy.

Roadmap (or as the internet likes to ask, “Wen” Blockchain)?

In May 2022, The Seblen Chronicles: Seraph’s Song is releasing its first NFT project on  Each page (including front, back and interior covers) are represented as their own individual NFT using the actual, hi-resolution production .PNG used for the book print.  There are 10 versions of each NFT, and collectors can HODL just one, or the entire set.

Expected in Q3 2022, we will be releasing the narrated audio as a NFT for $1 for anyone who has collected an entire set of the Seraph’s Song NFTs (same version).  Only 10 of the audio NFTs will be minted, one designated specifically for each version of ‘pages’ NFTs.  Once a collector has united an entire series, they are eligible to be dropped the Limited Edition ULTRA-RARE audio NFT of their collected series# for $1.  Must be claimed by 12/31/2023.

Future releases include:

  • An integrated token where owners of certain NFTs will get airdrops of the token free based on quarterly royalties of actual sales from the related project
  • A sequel to Seraph’s song following the same print, audio, NFT release flow
  • Seblen: Battle NFTs (Gen2)
  • And much more!
Print / Audio Books

Out Now – Seraph’s Song available in print on Amazon and the interactive audio / ebook on Google Play.

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Out Now – Seblen: Battle!  Our first generation game on Google Play and Steam now only $0.99.

Future – Blockchain Integration with our Battle Card System



We are pleased to announce that coming in 2022 we will be launching the official token.  

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NFTs & Battle Cards

Out Now – Our Gen1 NFTs on and Battle Cards on OpenSea.  Get yours today.

Future – Gen2 – Coming Soon. Join our partner Twitter to stay up to date.