We are pleased to announce that we have gone LIVE with our Limited Edition NFT project for The Seblen Chronicles: Seraph’s Song!

The Seblen Chronicles is melding rich, classical fantasy with blockchain technology and our new Seraph’s Song project is a critical piece to that.

Seraph’s Song is an illustrated retelling of the poetic fable of Sister Sera, as told by the first Bard Knight, Ser Tomas.  As an official part of Seblen lore, Seraph’s Song combines high-impact imagery with emotionally charged writing and is a must read for any fan of classical fantasy.

About the NFT drop:

On, we have launched the Seraph’s Song Collection, which currently includes 26 core NFT collectibles.  Each piece is an ORIGINAL Edition of the corresponding cover/page Production .PNG used for the print version of release of The Seblen Chronicles: Seraph’s Song.

Only 10 editions are available for each page/cover. Collect your favorite one, or the entire set to own an entire Production Collection Edition (PCE).

All NFT images can be reproduced, as is, for personal use for any NFT you retain wallet ownership of.  The breakdown of the collectibles are as follows:

·         Front Cover – 1:10

·         Back Cover – 1:10

·         Interior Front Cover – 1:10

·         Interior Back Cover – 1:10

·         Graphic Prime Pages – 14:10

·         Text Prime Pages – 8:10


Shortly after begins to support .MP4 NFTs, we are going to release a LIMITED EDITION, narrated NFT.  This high-quality narration further brings the story of Sister Sera to life, and can currently be previewed for only $0.99 on the Google Play Store in an interactive eBook form.

Once the Narrated Audio NFTs are dropped on, the first to collect an entire Edition run of the Seraph’s Song NFTs will be able to claim the Limited Edition Narrated NFT of the same Edition for only $1 (offer valid through 12/31/2023).

To Claim:

Any time after the Limited Edition Narrated NFT Release, have ALL 26 NFTs of the same Edition in one wallet and then make a $1 offer on the SAME Edition Narrated NFT. 

If that Edition Narrated NFT has NOT yet been claimed and is before the end of day on 12/31/2023, we will validate the offer submitter has an entire series in their account.  Once validated, we will ACCEPT the offer.  Complete the $1 payment and will complete the transaction.

Note: This Narrated NFT will be extremely limited, as there will only be 10 editions minted and all will only be release prior to 12.31.2023 to the FIRST collector who claims it meeting the terms above.

Quick Recap:

If you are a fan or supporter of ANY of the below:

·         Classical Fantasy

·         Blockchain Innovation / Use-Cases

·         Emotionally Charged Writing

·         Passionate Poetry

·         High-Impact Images

·         Engaging Audio Narrations

·         Indie Creators

Then please consider supporting the project. 

Earnings generated from the Seraph’s Song NFT project will be used to continue along the project’s Roadmap, which includes:

·         Seblen: Battle! 2

·         Seraph’s Song 2

·         Gen2 Battle! Mint

·         Token release, where owners of certain NFTs can receive airdrops of the token based on quarterly royalties of actual sales from the related project. 


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