Official NFTs - Series 1 (GEN1) Collection



The Ethereum-based Seblen Chronicles: Official NFTs are now available for a limited time on OpenSea.
These Series 1 (GEN1) NFTs are split into TWO sections.
  • Section 1 – Official NFTS from The Seblen Chronicles: Seraph’s Song.  There are only 30+ of these in existence, with each NFT being an ACTUAL production (single page) .PNG from the book available on outlets such as Amazon.
  • Section 2 – Original concept art from The Seblen Chronicles.  These single-minted NFTs are original, source-file concept art .pngs that are used in both the design progress and/or end-results in other TSC projects.
Ownership of these NFTs does not constitute sole-copyright ownership, but does allow for non-profit reproduction.  
Once The Seblen Chronicles project migrates to Horizen, these NFTs will no longer be sold and will only be available as giveaways.  Holders of these NFTs will be eligible for special rewards, exchanges or drops as the project matures.  Whether you enjoy the art, the world of Seblen or are interested in rare collectibles, these NFTs are for you!

Reasons to get your Battle Cards Today:

* You love the great artwork!
* You’re a fan of the The Seblen Chronicles books, audio narratives and games!
* You want to collect a NFT that is an actual production .png from a physically sold book!
* You want to start or add to you NFT / FT / Digital Collectible Card Collection!
* You want to get the GEN1 Official NFTs before the opportunity is closed and GEN2 Comes out!
* You want to be eligible for special rewards, exchanges or drops as the project integrates onto Horizen!
* You want to support the project!
All great reason to get your Official TSC NFT today!


Seraph's Song - Official NFTs - Series 1 (GEN1)

Cover - 100 ETH - 1 NFT

This .PNG is the official production file used when creating the release, The Seblen Chronicles: Seraphs Song, an illustrated retelling of the poetic fable of Sister Sera, as told by the first Bard Knight, Ser Tomas. As an official part of Seblen lore, Seraph’s Song is a must read for any fan of classical fantasy.

The ORIGINAL Front Cover Production file used.

Alpha Pages (Art and/or Text) - 10 ETH each

Text Pages - 5 ETH each

Misc Pages / Concept Art - 3 ETH each