Seblen Battle! Series 1 (GEN1) Collection

49 (+1) Limited Edition Battle Cards

6 (+1) Levels of Rarity

White – 1 @ 10-unit cap
Gold – 2 @ 50-unit cap
Purple – 11 @ 100-unit cap
Blue – 19 @ 250-unit cap
Green – 11 @ 500-unit cap
Gray – 5 @ 1000-unit cap
Seblen: Battle! Supporter card


The Ethereum-based Seblen Chronicles: Battle Cards are now available for a limited time on OpenSea.  These Series 1 (GEN1) cards have their limited-edition quantity runs based off the drop rate of the actual in-game cards. 
Once The Seblen Chronicles project launches Gen2, Gen1 cards will no longer be sold and will only be available as giveaways.  Holders of these cards will be eligible for special rewards, exchanges or drops as the project matures.  Whether you enjoy the art, the world of Seblen or are interested in rare collectibles, these Battle Cards are for you!

Reasons to get your Battle Cards Today:

* You love the great artwork!
* You’re a fan of the The Seblen Chronicles books, audio narratives and games!
* You want to collect a digital card with the same rarity rate as in the game!
* You want to start or add to you NFT / FT / Digital Collectible Card Collection!
* You want to get the GEN1 Battle Cards before the opportunity is closed and GEN2 Comes out!
* You want to be eligible for special rewards, exchanges or drops as the project evolves!
* You want to support the project!
All great reason to get your Seblen: Battle! Card today!

Supporter Card Details:

The Seblen: Battle! Supporter Card is a great way to show your support of The Seblen Chronicles project.  This Ethereum-based card available on OpenSea is a low cost, must have for any super fan!

Full Battle Card List:

Series 1 (GEN1):

White (.50 ETH) – 1 @ 10-unit cap

The ancient song that gives power to Sister Sera

Gold (.25 ETH) – 2 @ 50-Unit Cap

She who wields the Seraph’s Song, she who is the chosen one.
Demon fallen, the first of his kind.

Purple (.15 ETH) – 11 @ 100-Unit Cap

Keeper of the Ancient Heartstone, she is the Mother Flame.
The water spirit from the ancient depths.
Winged creature of legends, risen from its tomb.
The fable goes, when Ettea arrives, everything ends.
This battle wizard draws power from your pain and suffering.
Under the pale of the moon, Martia cometh.
Bringing balance to fate.
Leader of the undead, the first vampyre.
Mother queen of the vampyres.
Queen of the giants, mother of the cold.
For every traveler that crosses her path, a widow gains her tears.

Blue (.05 ETH) – 19 @ 250-Unit Cap

Beware the Tempter’s minion, for he is a force all unto himself.
It is her destiny is to become the new Mother Flame. It is her choice is to save Seblen.
As some turn water into wine, Brynja turns death into life.
Not all fallen warriors are left to dust. Some rise again to prove their worth.
Rivers and trees are her blood and bone.
The most apt namesake in all of Seblen, this Titan truly is Terrible.
Loyal to love for all eternity, regardless of the cost.
The ghost assassin, leader of the Clan of the Hood.
This Grim Wolf is no ordin’s best friend, but rather, an ally and brother of Yoseph. The blade to his shield.
This cleric is no master of any beast, but rather, an ally and brother of Vargyr. The shield to his blade.
You shall find no shelter or warmth from this storm of cold, ice and death.
This curse will make the blood boil.
A wave of light, soothing your soul.
Lightning and thunder are not just for the gods to control.
Fire rains from the sky as if the Tempter’s tears.
Blanketing the realm with its sickness, nourishing the Shadow with its death.
Daggers of death rain from the sky above.
Life incarnate.
Forged of the souls of a 1000 fallen warriors.

Green (.025 ETH) – 11 @ 500-Unit Cap

Keeper of the Warrior’s Forge.
Lost within The Order, found within the Rebellion.
Master of the beast, Finn’s rage is fueled by the love both living and lost.
They are what they eat.
No ordinary flame can stop this frozen Goliath.
Her eyes lure you in before her talons rip out your soul.
A battle won is the effect of a healer’s sacrifice.
While her brother communes with beast… she becomes one.
Carrier of death and disease, a member of the Order.
Courage comes from within, soul balanced by both song and sword.
Necro warrior, uses the bones of the dead as his sword and shield.

Gray (.01 ETH) – 5 @ 1000-Unit Cap

Lone, assassin thieves.
An undead soldier. One of the legion of Ntheyr.
Nimble and quick, these soldiers can bash your legs out from under you.
Flesh and bones are a flavorful feast.
Warrior soldier of the Undead.

The Seblen Chronicles - Seblen: Battle Support Card (.001 ETH)

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