The Seblen Chronicles: Roadmap

Q2 2022

Official NFT Launch – Seraph’s Song on

  • Individual NFTs using the actual, hi-resolution production .PNGs used for the book print.  
  • A NFT for each Cover (front, back, inside) and Page
  • There are 10 editions of each NFT
  • Collect all the NFTs from a version series to complete the set!
  • All imagery is licensed for personal use reproduction

Q3 2022

Ultra-Rare, Limited Edition Audio NFT Release

  • Drop of an EXCLUSIVE, Audio NFT containing the narrated version of Seraph’s Song
  • To be eligible to clam: You must have an entire NFT (same) edition of Seraph’s Song in your account
  • Once claimed, you will receive the same edition Limited Edition Audio NFT.  Example: If you have all Edition 8, you will receive Edition 8 of the Audio NFT.  If you have all Edition 1, you will receive Edition 1 of the Audio NFT!
  • Claim eligibility through 12/31/2023.  Only 1 claim available per edition.  Claims will be updated on this site and on our Discord / Twitter once eliminated.

Q4 2022

Token Release – Owners of certain NFTs can get airdrops of the token free based on quarterly royalties of actual sales from the related project

Generation 2 Battle Card Mint

Q1 2023 & Beyond

Seblen: Battle! 2

The Bard’s Tale Official Release

& More!