Seblen: Battle! Instructions


Seblen: Battle is a quick and easy to learn, but difficult to master card game for single players and online 1v1 Versus mode. Version 1 is releasing with:

  • 40 Seblen Character Cards
  • 10 Specialty Skill Cards
  • 6 Rarity Tiers (Base, Green, Blue, Violet, Gold, White)

Game Basics:

  • Each player (Player vs AI pr Player vs Player) is dealt 11 cards per round. 
  • There are 2 rounds.
  • Players can not view Opponent’s dealt cards
  • Card draw is random with drop rate influenced by tier rarity
  • Player start order is random

Gameboard Layout:

  • Round: Indicates what round you are in
  • Score: Top number is always your Opponent’s score. Bottom number is Your score.
  • Top Deck (face down): Always your Opponent’s deck)
  • Opponent’s Ranged Row: Opponent can place Ranged attack cards on this row
  • Opponent’s Melee Row: Opponent can place Melee attack cards on this row
  • Your Melee Row: You can place Melee attack cards on this row
  • Your Ranged Row: You can place Ranged attack cards on this row
  • Graveyard: Where discard cards go after being defeated on the battle field

Card Layout:

  • Name of Character or Skill – Characters are from current or upcoming releases from The Seblen Chronicles!
  • Type of Card:
    • Organic or Skill (Character or Skill card)
    • Attacker or Healer
    • Melee or Ranged (or Both)
  • Characterization Blurb – Short insight into the character or skill if you are unfamiliar with it
  • Attack Stats:
    • Range (One row or two)? How many slots does it impact (1-11 or up to 22 if both rows)
    • Damage Type and Amount
  • Defensive Stats: Amount of resistance versus each damage type
  • Points on Death: Additional bonus points if you defeat the card
  • Card Health: Hit points of card
  • Card Icons: Quick icons to view if Ranged, Melee or a Healer
  • Card Rarity Color


  • Randomly chosen player starts
  • Randomly chosen player selects an available card from their randomly selected deck and places it in an appropriate row
  • Player selects slot /card to impact with skill if available
  • Damage Done = Damage of Attack – Resistances for all impacted slots
  • Points given for Damage Done. Bonus points given once a card is defeated
  • Once a card is played, it does not get another action. So try not to let its health be extinguished!
  • After all card are played, round 2 begins and repeats as Round 1 was played
  • Game ends when all cards in Round 2 have been played.
  • Player with the highest score, Wins!

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